1st Win

Time has come, its official! First 3pts for the Boys in the futsal league.

Yesterday they fought hard against a lions team who didn’t make their lives easy. It could have easily gone the other way in more than one occasion.

They faced a side who are currently 5th in the Division. Lucky enough for the boys that every single member of the squad fought till the end, not giving up but we have to say that our goalkeeper was up to the challenge. Made quite good saves, you could call it luck the saves he did or you could say that in this particular match he had a guardian angel on his side </Stands> 😛

Keep Up the Good Work


ByPass 2nd Round

Today was the day, the Second Division Cup Draw at 6pm at the Victoria Stadium. Unfortunately we where unable to attend to the draw, but we where informed of the outcome. Here are draws:

Leo Fc vs Europa Point

Angels vs Gib Scorpions

Olympique vs Magpies

Boca Gibraltar vs Gibraltar Utd

Mons Calpe vs Gib Phoenix

Pegasus vs Hound Dogs

Cannons and Red Imps get a Bye in the First Round and here i thought logically would be Us Vs Red Imps, I can’t understand why they’ve given a bye for both teams?

11 A Side Training

For the Past Couple of Weeks there has bee poor attendance to the training, too many excuses, but some excuses where just too obvious that people didn’t wanna turn up to training.

Everyone have reason why they can’t come, but people make the effort to train. Its a team support and you don’t expect a team of 21 players and only 8 showing up, time after time to train. Then people start to complain why they don’t play or why does he get picked and i’m benched or not even selected. Sometimes football is not fair as it seems.

You may all think you know how to play but in reality you don’t know how to play as a team. Lately there have been signs that you can be team. This doesn’t mean its only on the pitch but also off the pitch. Think of this for a minute, a team is like family and family work together. We are here to improve and play football as one.

Unlucky 13!

As the the title says “Unlucky 13” those are the amount of goals conceded in todays Gibraltar Scorpions Vs Cannons FC. Give it to the boy who fought out with their hearts out and of course to their goalie who actually made lots of good save, even saved a penalty which was later retaken due to that he came of his line before the kick was taken.

Fair to say Scorpions demonstrated why they are the current Champions they dominated the match but we can say they didn’t dominate for the full 40 minutes of the match as Cannons did have chances. In the first 10minutes of the match Cannons had a goal disallowed which clearly passed the goal line and even the goal was out of its position which could have meant 1-1. On the last 10 minutes again another goal disallowed, this time the referee disallowed the goal cause when the ball was taken on the side the ball was not properly place, i have to say it but why wait till the ball get into the back of the net to wait to disallow the goal?

It wasn’t a good result for the boys. But again I’m proud of them, always fighting till the end.

PS. Tito Podesta what a save with your face 🙂

Do Miracle exists?

Do Miracle Exists? Thats the question?

Today we see the 1st Division Champions GIB Scorpions FC (Undefeated in Gib) Vs our Boys KO 16:30 Sports Hall Victoria Stadium. One of many toughest opponents in their league. The guys have been working hard past week to redeem themselves from previous match as they lost by a goal.

Changes for the squad have been made and the main one involves their starting Goalkeeper is out S. Mascarenhas [due to personal reason] and replaced by E. Podesta. Podesta can’t wait too face off against the Champions, he will be facing against the current top goal scorer who scored 9 goals in Scorpions first match.

Good Luck Boys

Training Allocation

Allocation is always a problem wether you have a senior squad or even a futsal. This year it’s becoming more of a headache, but at least this season the senior squad have DTC to train, plus newly allocated pitch at Europa and coming soon the GFA allocation at Victoria pitch 3.

In the case of the futsal they have Bayside School (2 Days – thanks to senior squad) and used to use Victoria Stadium Basket Court (Muga) – Unfortunately now no more the Muga can be used as it banned for any team or people to use, due to usage as for holding materials for the New World Trade Center.

Some rumours heard during the past few days it seems that the GFA will be giving another allocation for those teams who have futsal. How can this affect the usage of pitch and what pitch will be given?

Any comments? Any rumours?


Re-Opening Cannons Web Blog.

Totally forgot that we had also a blog for the team. Seeing as we have a Facebook fan page why not have a blog also, where everything can be discussed. Wether its about team spirit, Tactics, other teams, etc